Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii 2011

Keith and I just spent an AWESOME week in Oahu with our good friends Jason and Emily! The trip was planned to celebrate Jason and Keith's 40th birthdays. They were mission companions and have been great friends ever since. We love to vacation with them as families, but this time, it was just the adults! Everything was perfect - the company, the resort, the food, the relaxation, the entertainment, the beach, the weather... I could go on and on. Here are a few of our memories in photo...
First, Jacuzzi time...nice!!! There were several jacuzzi's and they were never crowded. We could be frequently found in them:-)

We saw a couple of seals beaching it... that was kindof cool!

One of the highlights was swimming with sea turtles. We were told this particular cove was a great place to snorkle, and the fishes were great, but the sea turtles were awesome! Loved that!

(I meant to put this picture at the end :) This is our kids after we returned, wearing their new Hawaii t-shirts and necklaces... We took surfing lessons on Waikiki... it was so fun!!!

The landscaping was so pretty!

"Pirates of the Caribbean" ship - the movie was filmed on Oahu and we had a view of the ship from our room balcony. It's really cool looking!

The four of us at the end of sunset.

During our trip we celebrated our 15 year wedding Anniversary! Perfect!!

Another sunset photo on the beach...

The Polynesian Cultural Center! The night show "Ha - Breath of Life" was phenomenal! Look at that beautiful temple! There's nothing like being on temple grounds.

Pearl Harbor- It was sobering to be there and I was really glad we went.

We tried Fresh Pineapple Icecream at the Dole Plantation! Yum!!!

So much of our time was spent just relaxing on the beach. It was so so nice! Our trip was definitely a memory we will always cherish. Thanks Jason and Emily!


Sarah said...

wow! what a fun trip! you look gorgeous as always stephanie!

Spencer and Marlee said...

YEAH!! I was hoping you would post something about your trip! I want to hear details about it sometime! Looks like a fun trip with lots of fun memories.

Jeanne said...

wow that trip sounds like a dream!

KP said...

Glad to see some photos. What a grand vacation. Congratulations on your anniversary. Your life is truly blessed!

Jenn said...

What a great way to spend your anniversary! You guys deserve it! Looks like fun! You guys looked awesome surfing, hope your family is doing great, I can't believe how big all your boys looked in that picture!